25+ Inspiring Exposed Brick, Distressed Wood, And Modern Concepts

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Do you know that the brick wood concept could bring a charming feeling in your home? Well, if you are not sure about that, you can check this article. We have more than 25 examples of how to bring in bricks and woods into the living space while staying aesthetical in the first place.

Many people are down for modern designs and styles. On the other hand, you can bring natural aspects to the living space to bring warmth to the scene. You do not need to put a label on it and we can call it a contemporary style for sure.

Sticking to neutral color palettes will help you a lot to choose an accent color for the room, no matter what room you are decorating. The brick wood concept will allow you to stay simple and clean without making the scene feel cold or uninviting. Other than that, natural aspects will always make a scene feel more alive considering the textures are rich enough to splash characters in the room.

Where can you incorporate bricks and woods? Well, generally, you can leave the walls unwrapped because the bricks will show the charm in raw materials. Meanwhile, the wood can be used for flooring materials. The type of wood depends on your taste but make sure you choose a solid hardwood that can retain moisture and heat.

Hanging some artworks on the walls will also be a good thing to do because an exposed wall is great for that. Anything you need to know about incorporating bricks and woods in your home can be found down below.

Make sure it matches the whole theme of your house or at least it has continuity in one room to another. More than anything, the brick wood concept is nice and charming.

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