30+ Amazing Modest Size Modern Interiors That Flirt With Feature Walls

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Designing home and its entire interior is not a wasteful activity. To have a sweet and beautiful house is everyone’s dream. However, some people have a problem with the budget, especially when after buying themselves a home.

Most people will look for an alternative path of how to make a modest modern interior design with the budget just the way they are. From many kinds of interior design arts and concepts, only one that is friendly to the budget. Also, the style is super simple yet modern and modest. Because of that, in this article, we will talk about the minimalist modern interior ideas.

The minimalist style concept is one of the most popular kinds of house theme that people apply, especially when they are just becoming a newlywed couple. Why? It was mentioned before. The minimalist theme concept doesn’t cost a lot of money than any other style concept out there.

The best way to start applying the minimalist concept in your house interior is by repainting the wall and ceiling. What color we use will be the neutral colors you want, such as white, gray, silver, black, and many more. For the most resemble to the modern, gray or silver is the one as the recommendation to apply. If you’re pretty skillful in art painting, you can make any beautiful art pattern for the wall.

After repainting the wall, it is time for the furniture placements. Most newlyweds are limited to the budget, so they keep the furniture less but multipurpose. The best color for the furniture is definitely the same color as the wall paint, which is the neutral colors you picked.

With this, most of the parts of modern interiors are 99% complete. For the rest, you can just add one by one as the budget is enough from time to time.

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