30+ Luxury Attic Apartments That Use Grey As Base

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Living in the city is one of the many people’s dreams. Not just because of the crowded neighborhood, it also because of the access to many infrastructures. However, buying a house in the city is very hard. Because of the location, the price is quite unaffordable for some people. As an alternative, most people will rent or buy an apartment instead of a house. Also, if their budget is limited, they end up buying a studio apartment or attic apartment. Living in the attic can be beautiful or not. Because of that, in this article, we will talk about gray attic apartments.

An Attic apartment and studio apartment are actually almost the same. What makes it different depends on who built it and what facilities offered. A studio apartment definitely has a toilet, but an attic apartment depends on those two aspects. However, you are able to build it in the attic even though it is not cheap.

Back to the topic, what makes attic apartments beautiful at the start is definitely the gray color as the base. Gray color itself is one of the neutral colors that people used in the minimalist concept. First of all, we just need to paint all the walls and ceiling with a gray color. This color is able to make the illusion of being spacious. If the apartment is small, this can make a big difference. That’s what makes the minimalist theme work for anything that just started.

As for the furniture, let’s make it the same as the wall color. In the beginning, we don’t need to put a lot of furniture in attic apartments, especially when the apartment is small in size. However, we should buy multifunctional furniture. Because of the efficiency of multifunctional furniture, a lot of jobs are done in a short time, especially in the attic apartment.

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