7 Beautiful A Three-Dimensional Wonder

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This home has an intriguing space configuration. To be able to enlarge the region, higher-levels were made. 2 mezzanines produce a 3-Dimensional effect offering several viewpoints that combine in that the living room region in that the center of this home. This strategy can help to conserve and refine awkward areas and increase the surface region.

The kitchen layout is modernistic and innovative. It is a combo of standard furnishings which subtly merge with modern ideas. The cabinetry includes wainscoting affects emphasized with state-of-the-art silver grips. This assemblage perfectly shows the perception of conventional and modern theories in a small, yet lively manner. The black matt cabinet finish refines the d├ęcor developing a slick complicated attractiveness. Another addition which makes this kitchen area unique is that the island of multicolored tiles. The geometric layout is eye and explodes with vibrancy and wealthy color. The birch wood form flooring along with the oakwood counter and tabletop is a complex modernistic manipulation of conventional wood substances )

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