8 Exciting Stones Makes Comfortable Dwellings Too

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If you think basements can only be used for a warehouse or a place to store unused things in your home, you need to check these lively basement ideas for sure. Basements are commonly cold, dark, and uninvited.

By being creative, you can turn a basement in your living space as a living space to accommodate your activity. One of the many things you can do is by implementing stones as part of the wall, considering walls are something you will see in every room.

Generally, you can use white for your basement no matter what look or theme you prefer. If you want to go classic, you can use white with some shades of brown for one side of the basement.
Later, you can incorporate the presence of accent walls. As long as you can use it right, it will make the room appears larger with accent walls. Still, you need to choose the right color so you can bring lively basement ideas in real life.

Talking about the basement in your home, you can always turn the space into a cave house or an underground house. On the other hand, the presence of underground houses is part of those who want something unique and different for their living space.

The basement is a perfect idea to bring a cave house in real life. Decorating a basement or a cave home may be a bit different from decorating a regular house in general. If you can hang some artworks, make sure you hang the big ones.

It separates the room without putting a wall or room divider in the first place. Also, make sure the entire room feels cozy and intimate. More than anything, it is not impossible to turn a cave or a basement into a living space by using our lively basement ideas below.

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