20+ Luxury Original Farmhouse

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Living in a farmhouse will bring back us to our childhood memories. There will be a memory of the warmth of the time when we spend time at our grandparent's homes. Although many of us have to adapt to the modern lifestyle, we do not want just to waste those memories away. That is why it will be great if we can bring a piece of memories from our childhood in our living place. There is nothing wrong to use the farmhouse style for home design and decoration. In this circumstance, many ideas can be used to create our dream homes.

Although a farmhouse sounds classic or traditional, it actually can suit people's modern lifestyle perfectly. The key point of this type of house is cleanliness and simplicity although there will be more natural material incorporated for the design and decoration. White usually becomes the basic color that will be used in the farmhouse. This is the color that will be used often when people want to create a modern house after all. That is why the farmhouse style can meet modern people's lifestyle the most. Although white will be used often, the house will not feel boring at all because the natural elements will be displayed as much as possible.

When people are talking about the natural elements that can be found often in the farmhouse, they are talking about the wood that is used a lot in this style of the house. It will be used for the floor, the ceiling, and the wall a lot. Of course, the furniture will also use this material the most. It can be covered with a white or even black coat but its natural characteristic can still be seen easily in the farmhouse. A fireplace made from natural materials also becomes another element that can determine the identity of the farmhouse.

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