35+ Inspiring Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That Don’t Sacrifice On Style

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4 of 36

Apartment designs should be chosen that are suitable with the personality of the owner too. There are some people who suffer in their place because they don’t have a comfortable room that is suitable with what they want. For all of you who have more budget, you can redecorate your apartment so you can change your old apartment to a new apartment that will make you want to stay for a long time in your room.

Some people who choose to live in an apartment usually will suffer with small spaces. They have only 50square meters and they really need to be careful in choosing right apartment designs so they will not make their small apartment look smaller again. What you must do with your small condo then? You need to get some ideas in some sources that will give you more ideas on how to decorate your small condo. It will be related to some elements in your small apartment. There are some small apartments that are made with a very artistic look. The apartment is made with high-end decor style and completed with trendy furniture.

Living room and master bedroom will have a larger area than some other rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. You need to make your bathroom in chic style because of limited space. You can add a mirror to give a larger space effect in the bathroom and at the same time, it gives function too in your bathroom. You can make a simple kitchen style that is made with a flexible kitchen cabinet so you can store more things and make your kitchen look neat.

How about your bedroom? For all of you who have limited bedroom space, you need to apply bright colors and add more storage space in your bedroom. It helps you to store more things and make your bedroom look larger. You should not add big furniture that will need more space in your apartment. Now, you can apply your favorite apartment designs.

image source : pinterest.com